Attic Release Notes 2024.3.13

We are preparing Attic to become multi-lingual. For now this has led to the following (semi-)related new features. Furthermore we added some non-related additions particularly to Partner Portal and security content.

Attic app

Mail layout

Our backend consists of several functions that may generate email messages to users. We have unified the email templates in those functions to improve recognizability.

Admin & users

It was already possible to have multiple user accounts to manage an organization in Attic. We now expanded and improved on this feature. First of all, every organization will have 1 admin user. Only the admin user will be able to configure in which language the Attic service will be delivered. Furthermore, the admin is now able to invite additional users to manage the organization. And lastly, admin is able to transfer the admin rights to another user within it’s organization.

Notificatie settings

In the profile of your Attic user account, you can now configure the type of notifications you wish to receive: push notifications through mobile app and/or email notifications. This can be configured per type of notification, separating tickets from news articles.

Partner Portal

Add Incident-Notes to Report

In the monthly report function, now incident-notes as submitted through partner portal will be displayed.

Several bug-fixes in the reporting