Attic for Healthcare: The Future of Security with Z-CERT Partnership

Attic for Healthcare: The Future of Security with Z-CERT Partnership

Attic for Healthcare is currently in development, with a strong focus on its future availability as a powerful security solution. We invite healthcare institutions to participate in our beta testing phase.

Partnership with Z-CERT:

In collaboration with Z-CERT, the leading provider of threat intelligence in the Dutch healthcare sector, Attic for Healthcare offers a unique value proposition. Through an automated integration between Z-CERT’s MISP server and Microsoft Sentinel, Attic can instantly raise an alarm for suspicious activities in the Microsoft 365 cloud, based on patterns identified by Z-CERT. This integration can be activated within minutes, providing healthcare institutions with accessible yet high-quality security monitoring tailored to the Dutch healthcare sector.

Strengthen Your Security: Concrete Benefits

With Attic for Healthcare, powered by the Z-CERT partnership, we elevate security to a higher level. We understand the importance of clarity regarding the specific benefits. Attic enables healthcare institutions to proactively detect and address threats, thereby enhancing the security of sensitive data. With Attic’s direct alerts and automated monitoring, healthcare institutions can confidently operate in the digital world.

Visit our website at for more information on Attic for Healthcare and its future availability. We are ready to support your healthcare institution in strengthening cybersecurity and protecting valuable data.