Attic as a SOC

Attic as a SOC

Exciting news! Our team is on the verge of completing the technical roadmap to connect Attic with Microsoft Sentinel. This achievement means we can now offer affordable SOC services to organizations on a large scale. We can’t wait to share our progress with you at the RSA Conference. During the event, we will be providing visitors to our stand and website the chance to register in advance for Attic M365 Monitoring. Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to make this game-changing service available for sale. In this blog post, we’ll share more details about the technical roadmap and how our new service can help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture.

Hardening & monitoring

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, we understand the importance of providing affordable SOC services to organizations on a large scale. Our journey to connect Attic with Microsoft Sentinel is almost at its end, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. With this integration, we will not only provide our customers with a robust security solution but also offer them peace of mind. Our current approach has been to harden the security configuration in Microsoft 365, which has already helped us connect with nearly 100 customers, both directly and through partners. However, to ensure comprehensive protection, monitoring for suspicious behavior is a must.

What is a SOC?

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, having a Security Operations Center (SOC) is crucial for organizations to protect against potential threats. The SOC is responsible for handling and responding to security incidents, detecting vulnerabilities, and managing security-related technologies. However, staffing a SOC with qualified personnel can be a daunting task, especially for companies whose primary focus is not cybersecurity. This is where outsourcing the SOC comes in as a viable solution, allowing organizations to focus on their core business while leaving the security operations to trusted experts.

External Socs out of reach for SMB

In today’s fast-paced world of cyber threats, organizations are under constant pressure to secure their networks and data. However, the high costs of traditional Security Operations Centre (SOC) services have made it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), municipalities, schools, and healthcare providers to afford adequate protection. The problem lies in the fact that most commercial SOC services are labor-intensive and lack automation, resulting in high costs and poor scalability. As a result, these essential security services have remained out of reach for many organizations, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

More demand due to NIS2

The cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly complex, especially with the implementation of the new EU directive, NIS2. This directive imposes more obligations on organizations regarding cybersecurity, leading to more organizations engaging in security monitoring. As member states work to convert NIS2 into their own legislation, including the Netherlands, more organizations will be obliged to take cybersecurity measures, as they or the chain in which they operate are considered Essential or Important. To comply with the directive, organizations must start by logging activity and periodically checking those logs, which requires security monitoring and possibly a SOC.

Scalable solution

At Zolder, we are proud to have solved the scalability problem of cybersecurity services with Attic. Our platform is designed to handle a large number of customers and can be easily offered to organizations worldwide. We have developed a mobile app that serves as an interface between our service and the customer, allowing us to quickly reach them and offer actionable advice. Our platform checks SaaS products like Microsoft 365 for configuration errors and immediately alerts customers with a fix that can be applied with one click. We have successfully applied this functionality in Hardening and will use it for Monitoring as well. Attic will create monitoring rules in Microsoft Sentinel and when triggered, the mobile app will alert customers with recovery advice such as locking the user or resetting the password.

Sector-specific threat information

We’re always looking for ways to enhance our services and provide our clients with the best possible solutions. As soon as the Sentinel service is available, we will integrate it into our platform to offer even more comprehensive monitoring. In fact, we’ve recently partnered with Z-CERT and have access to their threat intelligence, which we will incorporate into our Sentinel monitoring. This makes it easier for organizations in the healthcare sector to stay up-to-date with the latest threats and take appropriate action.

In addition, we’re also working with the Information Security Service (IBD) of the VNG to offer a similar service to Dutch municipalities. At Attic, we’re committed to helping our clients stay secure, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services.

Stay tuned!

We hope you found this blog post informative and helpful. We’re getting ready to launch Attic M365 Monitoring, our game-changing service that will revolutionize the way organizations approach cybersecurity. Don’t miss out on the latest news and developments – pre-register today to be among the first to experience Attic M365 Monitoring in action!

With our SOC services, organizations of all sizes can now afford comprehensive cybersecurity protection, giving them the peace of mind, they need to focus on their core business. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

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