Attic Alert: Attic adds website clone monitor

Attic is a powerful platform that offers many possibilities. Attic is modular so that the platform can be supplemented with additional services, developed by Zolder, but also by external vendors in the future.

A few months ago, I launched a free application called This service is based on Microsoft Azure and completely cloud-based (read here how it was built). The cloud makes it very cost-effective and allows this service to be offered completely free of charge to users.

Now that the application has been active for about 9 months and the final touches have been put in place, I thought it was time to add the service to Attic as well. It is a good way to showcase the power of our Attic platform in combination with “external” services. What does the website clone monitor do and how does it work?

The problem

To carry out phishing attacks, websites are often copied by malicious actors. Subsequently, the victim is directed to this page to entice them to log in or perform certain instructions. Copying the real website of an organization makes a phishing attack more legitimate because potential victims think they are on the real website of the organization. This increases the likelihood that victims will believe the phishing attack.

The solution

To better protect organizations against such attacks, we have added the website clone monitor to Attic. This service allows you to receive an early warning if your website is copied. This allows the organization to take action, such as informing potential victims and trying to limit the impact of the attack.

How does it work?

Add the free website clone monitor service to your Attic app. You need to provide the domain name of the website you want to protect. Then, you will receive a personal link that you need to add to the website. Installation instructions can be found here. Once you have installed the link, you will receive notifications via Attic when a copy is detected.

If you have your own service and are interested in making it available on the Attic platform, feel free to contact us at any time.

Attic adds website clone monitor