Release Notes 2024.5.0

Release Notes 2024.5.0

We are excited to share the first fully multilingual version of Attic!

From now on, Attic and its content will be available in English and Dutch, allowing us to help many more organizations in protecting their Microsoft 365 tenants and other cloud services.

Attic App

Language Switching

In the user interface, the Attic user with the Admin role within an organization can change the language from their profile. The interface, service, and check status will be translated instantly, and any new incidents that Attic raises from then on will also be written in the chosen language.

Interactions (comments) in open and resolved incidents from before the language change will remain unchanged.

The language setting can only be changed by the Admin to prevent miscommunication in different languages within the same incident.

Partner Portal

Language Switching

Partners are now also able to change the language of Attic, applying the change to all managers in the entire partner organization.

Report Language

The language of a report can be configured on a per-report basis. Although the user interface of the partner portal might be in Dutch, a report for one customer managed by the partner can be generated in English.

The default setting for the language per report is “Default”, inheriting the language from the Partner settings.

Security content

Multilanguage Checks, Rules & Fixes

All content has been translated, so whether set to English or Dutch, the output of checks, explanations about status, fix descriptions, potential impacts, etc., are now available in both languages.

We are still in the process of translating related Helpcenter articles at

Other Fixes

Besides multilinguality, we have made some other updates and fixes:

  • Swapped the Support Chat in the interface from Zendesk to, aligning it with the website.
  • Fixed domain settings in AiTM Onboarding.
  • UUID fix in Customer-Solutions.
  • Styling update on the onboarding-step page.

Attic Release Notes 2024.5.0

First fully multilingual version of Attic supporting English and Dutch.